Friday, May 1, 2009

Hot Coupons #1 May Edition

I receive a little sales catalog in the mail, I think I probably signed up in the store or online. Anyhow it always has a little coupon in back. A gift cheque is what they call it. Usually they are for like $50 off of $150, nothing i would actually use. This time however there is one on the back page for 15.00 off of 15.00 no exclusions ( except spanx).Good for the whole month of May. This means they are giving away 15.00 worth of stuff!!! If anyone has these coupons and will not be using them I will gladly pay or trade for them. If anyone is looking for these coupons keep your eyes on ebay as I am sure they will start appearing. Finally free clothes...(okay off of the clearance rack probably, but hey free is free!)


karen said...

ok, so where do you get all your coupons....did I miss that part somewhere?

I'm guessing sunday paper? where else?

thanks in advance

Jamie Musgrove said...

yes they are sunday paper coupons though when i find really "hot ones" i order larger amounts of the coupons from ebay or or other similiar websites!

Jamie Musgrove said...

I should specify not all coupons come from the Sunday paper but if they dont i usually try to explain them... such as the lane bryant coupon that came in a random catalog in the mail.