Thursday, May 14, 2009 They are currently offering this promo. I order from these guys alot. Free Shipping is always offered. You can get tons of very popular movies for very cheap. For example there are Barbie Dora Bob The Builder Thomas and many more that are less than $4.00. Here is a money saving hint... example... lets say i want to buy 8 movie 4 are 6.75 each and 4 are 10.95 each... you come out cheaper to place two seperate orders. One order for just the 6.75 movies and one order for just the 10.95 movies. The reason is its bogo one free of equal or lesser value. If you have four movies at 10.95 and four at 6.75 in one order , they will only deduct 6.75 *4. Because shipping is free you may want to place multiple orders for the best deal.

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